Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Cuntaminated - Aborted Noise

Self Released 2011

1.Cot Death Carnage 2.Aggravated Homicide 3.Bete Noire

We are greeted by a really creepy intro which slowly builds a menacing atmosphere, before all hell breaks loose as ‘Cot Death Carnage’ opens up, blast beats and furious guitars raging. There is a real groove to the bands brand of death/grind, which definitely adds something extra rather than opting for an all out frenzied blasting approach. Vocally it is as you would expect; ultra-guttural lead vocals with shouted and screamed vocals used as back up. There’s a really natural, organic production on offer which lends itself perfectly to the faster grind orientated sections.  ‘Aggravated Homicide’ begins in similar fashion to the opener, a storm of blast beats, frenzied guitars and excellent dual vocals which bounce off each other brilliantly, singing and shouting in an almost chorus like fashion. The pace is slowed slightly into more ‘mid’paced’ territory which again allows the groove orientated riffs to breathe life into the song and add an extra dimension to the bands sonic onslaught.
Closing the e.p. is ‘BĂȘte Noire’ which is another furious slab of punky death/grind; feeling looser than the two previous tracks, bordering on ‘out of control’ but the structure of the song never gets lost in the chaos. It’s a great way to end this all too short e.p.  All three tracks clock in at 8 minutes which is fair enough, but when there are only three tracks on offer feels far too short and over far too quickly. Would have been nice to hear another three or four tracks as Cuntanimated are really easy (and a pleasure) to listen to, so you certainly wouldn’t mind sitting through fifteen or so minutes of this! It’s nothing new and isn’t going to set the death/grind scene on fire, but it’s a well-played slab of meaty “in for the kill” death/grind from a promising young band which show much potential…..a few more tracks next time lads 'cos this is good stuff! Recommended.

7 out of 10

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