Thursday, 3 May 2012

Putrefy - Interview

With PUTREFY about to celebrate their 20th anniversary, UKEM decided it was time to delve into the gore-soaked world of the Irish veterans.....

For those unfamiliar with the band, who are the members and what is their role?
The current line up consists of Connor on guitar/vocals,Aaron on guitar,myself on drums and yesterday we announced our new bass player Matthew,which i,ll add is a great addition to the band already,very skillful player and nice lad.

You’ve had cd’s released through Metal Age and Grindethics, how did those deals come about?
The Grindethic releases came about as we knew Rushy and Tom Bradfield,Rushy was in contact in 2002 or 2003 and liked the "Lust so Vile" material (we detest it now) and wanted to release it and a few years later we let him hear some demo tracks we had of new material after the debut album (released on Redrum Records in the u.s.a.,owned by Will Rahmer of MORTICIAN),and Rushy and Tom wanted to release the demo tracks on a split cd in 2007,so fast forward to 2008 when we played Caos Emergente open air fest in Portugal and met the Metal Age guys as they had a stall there,we played the fest and they wanted to sign us after we got home,unfortunately it didnt last long due to lack of effort to promote the band but they was nice people.

Were the band happy with those releases, or anything you’d do differently?
Well for me the real Putrefy will be heard on the forthcoming album where its all about the music,no gimmicks,no trend following,no trying to shock people anymore,we,ve well grown outta that stuff and some things in the past is regrettable with topics lyricially but every band was being extreme so we followed suit at the time,but looking back i would of done some things much differently,the songs on the debut album are ok but badly executed,the split is ok but could of been better,the last album has its moments,in the last couple years the band has improved very much as players,we will be re-recording some old tracks when we record the forthcoming album,give them the production they need and re-written,better vocals,tighter,at the time we was happy with the past releases but looking back they could of been better but every musician says that,people still like them so cant complain so much.
You’ve recently recorded a new Promo CD, how did the recording go and what has the reaction been like to it?
That recording went alright,a friend of mine since my teens recorded it at his new home studio,we had some wee problems here and there but we got there in the end,we,ll be recording the next album with him,great set up,the reaction has been good so far but the promo was mainly done for a new label and we,re still looking for a new label home,so if any labels are reading this and interested in a band celebrating 20 years in the scene this year get in touch,the promo tracks are just a hint of whats on the next album,the other new tracks thats unheard smoke them ones on the promo but at the time of the recording we was still writing them,but everyone will hear them on the next record.

Are there any new releases on the horizon?
Just the album for now,its gonna be called "Knelt before the Sarcophagus of Humanity",but we,re open to any offers of split cds,mcds,but something i hope to do is to release the 1993 demo,1995 split cd tracks and some unreleased stuff on a discography cd at some point.

Musically, who influences you, if anyone at all?
90,s death metal has always infuenced this band,like Suffocation,C,Corpse (not that new muck),Pyrexia,Internal Bleeding,Dying Fetus,Mortician,Morbid Angel,just heavy brutal catchy death metal,nothing technical,straight to the point music,the new album is total old school 90,s american death metal in influence.

What themes and topics do your lyrics deal with?
In the old days and up to a couple years ago it was tongue in cheek humour and topics that would cause offense and piss people off,but we got bored of that and being honest its childish now,nowadays its more horror influenced,not about girls getting cut up,people getting ripped apart,that stuff was left behind a few years ago and the best thing we did,but yeah its more horror influenced now rather than gore which ran its course in this band.

Composing songs can often be a frustrating process, how do you guys go about it?
Connor and Aaron will have a few riffs and i,ll get onto sorting some beats and will arrange the structure and we,ll go from there,always been that way,nowadays Connor will record new riffs on his iphone and email them and i,ll try a few ideas on my electric drumkit (best purchase ever) and have a bash at them at rehearsal,Aaron and Connor also meet through the week and have a jamming session and put their heads together and write some stuff,Connor writes the majority of the riffs but Aaron has provided a good chink of the stuff for the new album,its all good.
Putrefy - Smashed Down With Iron

Is gigging important to the band and what can we expect for a live Putrefy performance?
Yep its very important and anyone seeing us will associate it to getting a vicious beating sonicially,all i can say is expect a intense brutal show that,ll pulverize brains into sludge,but the band always seek new opportunities on the live front,unfortunately in northern ireland and ireland as a whole theres a small scene,lack of venues,we,re located in the wrong country but that cant be helped,if we lived in mainland uk or Europe we,d be gigging regular but we live here,but we do try to find gigs,so any promoters out there,please get in contact for bookings,we wont disappoint.

Plans for the future?
Firstly its to get the album recorded and hopefully find a new label,then we,ll see about gigs local,and elsewhere

What merch do you currently have available and where can we get it?
Merch wise we got some cds left,some shirts,hats and i got some limited copies of the 1993 demo still available,these include the 1995 split mcd tracks as well,and can be got from myself,merch can be got from the band myspace at but please send a message beforehand to check for availability,after the new album is done we,ll have new products.

Any final words?
Many thanks for the interview chris,thanks to anyone who supports the band and keep an eye on the band facebook and myspace for news,new merch,gigs,support death metal.

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