Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Eye Of Solitude - Eye Of Solitude

Self Released 2011

1.Suffocating Silence 2.Die Alone 3.Death Said: Bring A Friend

Describing themselves as ‘Evil Doom Death Metal’ is quite an apt description and is very apparent as ‘Suffocating Silence’ comes bellowing forth in a cascade of ultra-guttural vocals and extrememly heavy mournful and melancholic music. The atmosphere from the outset is utterly haunting. Even when the track breaks out into a melodic acoustic guitar and keyboard section, the sense of grief is retained perfectly before the heavy death/doom metal sound bursts out once again. Although there is a massive death metal laced doom influence of show, when the band switch into a more 'straight ahead' death metal approach, they incorporate fast tremolo picked guitars which are accompanied by really fast kick drums. When this combination is used the song takes on an almost Swedish Black/Death metal sound. These faster played sections don’t last long however, the dirge laden doom approach favoured, the atmosphere swirling back and forth, haunting and compelling.  ‘Die Alone’ is the perfect soundtrack to an extremely lonely, dark and miserable death, Daniel’s vocals are some of the best death metal vocals I’ve heard in a very long time, brutal, ultra guttural yet utterly mournful. There are even parts where you can understand what is being said! The song breaks out into a faster section, and we’re even treated some blast beats and really fast guitar work, again a heavy Swedish blackened death metal approach being undertaken which is a stark comparison to the doom laden sections but it works very well indeed. The song never loses its atmosphere in these faster sections and the change to the slower doomier style is instant but again, works extremely well. There’s a hint of ‘slower Nile’ to the band’s sound, grandiose a fitting description.
‘Death Said: Bring A Friend’ is slightly different as it opens up, much more melody injected into the sound, acoustic guitars leading the song with Daniels vocals acting as a great accompaniment. The track then takes on the now familiar heavy doom/death stance, however, guitars solos are introduced and retain the sense of melody seen earlier. Faster sections are also re-introduced which begin to build the track up to an unbelievably atmospheric finale before fading out mournfully. Everything E.O.S has to offer is compelling, the atmosphere created is unbelievably captivating, utterly mournful and grief stricken. All three tracks on this e.p are some of the best doom/death metal I’ve heard in for a very long time. The band has crafted themselves a very unique identity in their chosen genre and stand head and shoulders above those around them. Yet another shining example of what the UK extreme metal underground has to offer, E.O.S are more than capable of matching, if not bettering anything else out there in the Doom/Death world. Atmospheric, mournful, grief stricken and extremely highly recommended!

9 out of 10

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