Friday, 13 September 2013

Carcass - Surgical Steel

Nuclear Blast 2013
1.1985 2.Thrasher's Abattoir 3.Cadaver Pouch Conveyor System
4.A Congealed Clot Of Blood 5.The Master Butcher's Apron
6.Noncomplience Of ASTM F 899-12 Standard
7.The Granulating Dark Satanic Mills 8.Unfit For Human Consumption
9.316L Grade Surgical Steel 10.Captive Bolt Pistol 11.Mount Of Execution
12.Intensive Battery Brooding*
It’s finally here, after months of rumour mongering and excited chatter on the social media sites Carcass return! It’s fair to say this has been the most highly anticipated album from a band this year, if not in recent memory. Having read interviews with the band, their promise to deliver something that mixes Necroticism era and Heartwork era Carcass is extremely accurate from the outset. ‘1985’ acts as a short intro before ‘Thrashers Abattoir’ blasts in at full throttle in a storm of snarling vocals, blasting drums and tight and catchy riffing. Showing their intentions in superb fashion, this is a magnificent way to let everyone know they are back – back to rip your face off! A similar theme is pursued throughout ‘Cadaver Pouch Conveyor System’, albeit in a slightly less frantic approach, with a touch more melody introduced. It’s great to hear those trademark dual vocals back, Jeff’s rasping snarls accompanied perfectly by Bill’s guttural bottom end bellowing’s. ‘A Congealed Clot Of Blood’ is monstrously epic, the pace slowed to a clinical crawl throughout its entirety which gives it an almost anthem like sound. In stark contrast ‘The Master Butchers Apron’ bludgeons the listener with blast bead laden drumming and sharp riffing. The song does then return to the slower pace used in the previous track and almost acts as an interlude, as the faster pace is then re-introduced to end the song brilliantly. Similarly ‘Noncompliance to ASTM F 899-12 Standard’ smashes open with more blast beats which introduce the track in brutal fashion before a more mid-paced approach is undertaken. The mix of tempos and styles is working really so far and will definitely appeal to older and newer Carcass fans alike.
‘The Granulating Dark Satanic Mills’ harks back to Heartwork era Carcass and the chorus’ are nothing short of inspired, the chants of “Six – Zero – Two – Six – Nine – Six – One” are massively original and sound unlike anything heard before, not only from the band, but in the genre, this is definitely the band at their best and their most inspirational. As if to further prove the point, ‘Unfit For Human Consumption’ is massive, bringing everything heard so far to the (Surgeons) table. It’s catchy, it’s brutal and epic in proportions, the dual chant like vocals really add a new, and welcome addition to the bands musical arsenal. ‘316L Grade Surgical Steel’ again shows a band sounding more sharp and precise than they ever have done, particularly venomous when the savage blast beats open up to accompany the razor sharp guitar work, executed precisely with utter conviction. ‘Captive Bolt Pistol’ is probably going to sound extremely familiar, as this was used as the “album teaser” with all the social media sites, websites and blogs all exposing the masses to its utter brilliance. And why not, it’s definitely the stand out track of the album that sees the band delving deep into Necroticism era riffing whilst mixing the modern edge to their sound perfectly. If you bought the jewel case version, then ‘Mount Of Execution’ is the final track of the disc and it ends the cd in catchy and epic fashion. However; spending a little more on the digi-pack gets you the bonus track* of ‘Intensive Battery Brooding’ which has a slightly different feel and sound to all of the other tracks on the standard version. It’s a dark and sinister offering that musically, has a much more classic heavy metal sound to it with the pace kept to a minimum for the majority of its length. There’s even a slight thrash metal influence on display here, only very slight however – just enough to make you sit up and think “that’s a bit different for them, but it sounds good”. Carcass are back and are truly on top form, pushing the boundaries of modern extreme metal to the limits. The whole album balances the bands two classic sounds (Necroticism and Heartwork) brilliantly, neither one overpowering the other, rather acting as partners to create an absolutely punishing and devastating slab of modern extreme metal. Highly anticipated? Yes, but the wait was more than worth it, definitely the death metal album of 2013 so far, it comes very highly recommended.
9 out of 10
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