Friday, 6 September 2013

Rat Faced Bastard - Rat Faced Bastard

Self Released 2012
1.Scheizenhaus 2.Grind Song 3.Thatcha 4.Fuck Wound 5.Dungeon Of Misery
6.I Am The Liquor 7.Freeloaders 8.Never Fall Down 9.Staring Into The Abyss
Blast and grind in a frenzied fashion is probably what Geordie ‘Death Grind Dickheads’ Rat Faced Bastard discussed doing when sitting down to write this new e.p. Opener ‘Scheizenhaus’ does just that in an absolute haze of “spazzed out” pummelling guitar work and blasting drums; as does ‘Grind Song’ and ‘Thatcha’ both absolutely slaying, a torrent of blast beat leaden death grind with punk infused guitars and manic screamed vocal work – both over in a blink of the eye. ‘Fuck Wound’ begins with some massively distorted bass guitars before once again blasting open in yet another punk infused grind fest, sounding not too dissimilar to Phobia here. The pace is slowed down to a more mid-paced tempo, but it still remains grind as fuck. ‘Dungeon Of Misery’ is an absolute whirlwind of death grind, the band really going for it here and sounding catchy as fuck through all the blast beats. There's a real old school sound on show, enforced even more by the manic guitar solos that are added to the latter part of the song.
'I Am Liquor’ takes its name from a movie sample used to introduce the song. It then blasts unmercifully throughout the entire song, which at only 0:59 in length sounds absolutely devastating. Following on is ‘Freeloaders’ which drops the pace again and is a total Napalm Death worshipping slab of old school grindcore, one of the man riffs used being very very similar to the UK masters indeed! ‘Never Fall Down’ is only six seconds long and is something and nothing, passing by with no real impact as it doesn’t blast, it just happens. Finishing off is ‘Starring Into The Abyss’, the longest song on the e.p and a mix of everything heard in the eight previous songs. Tempos vary from blinding fast grind sections, right down to almost doom infused slower sections with a splash of punk to really make it stand out. RFB have again released an e.p, (albeit extremely short) of absolutely punishing death/grind that really packs a punch, with a gnarly production that suits the music perfectly and delivers a killer blow in all but one track. Sadly the band has recently lost its vocalist and guitarist, lets hope the remaining two members can fill the vacant slots soon because they are releasing some top notch death grind and comes very well recommended
8 Out Of 10
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