Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Dead Beyond Buried - The Dark Era

Self Released 2012
1.Opening the Gates 2.The Rupturing 3.Spirit of the Void
4.Cold Black Stars 5.Shadows Consuming Spirits 6.Utopia
7.Failures 8.Dripping Black Bile 9.The Dark Era
First track ‘Opening The Gates’ begins life in pummelling fashion, the bands well-honed brand of brutal death metal sounds crisp, tight and is amazingly savage from the outset. Of course you would expect nothing less from a band that are now unleashing their third full length album and can probably be classed as “seasoned veterans” of the UK underground scene. It’s a good start. As if to prove the point, ‘The Rupturing’ is even more brutal than the opener, and absolute storm of blast beat laden brutal death that destroys. The pace is dropped to a sludgy crawl nearer the middle of the song, not lasting too long; it is then followed by the return of the bludgeoning and blasting death metal. DBB sound overwhelmingly intense when they’re at full speed. As the song ends, the pace is returned to the slower tempo which is a good way to close the song after all of the devastation. ‘Spirit Of The Void’ tricks you into thinking it’s going to be a slower, filler song as it begins slowly, and similar to what was on offer in the previous song. However, just as you settle into the slower pace, blast beats are unleashed without warning, hurling the song into oblivion. This doesn’t last long however, the pace is then dropped and the remainder of the song takes on an almost Morbid Angel feel and sound, an evil and sinister crawl ensues. ‘Cold Black Stars’ is a much more varied affair, utilising everything heard so far to great effect in a well-constructed and crafted song. There’s real power in this track, especially in the choruses when the fast tremolo picked guitars and pummelling double kick drums work in unison to maximum effect and give the song an extremely catchy sound. These passages also show off the bands tightness extremely well, but you wouldn’t really expect anything less really.
‘Shadows Consuming Spirits’ is another monster; being the bastard child of Immolation and Hate Eternal should any comparisons be needed. And again, the band add variety to the song writing by mixing tempos well which in turn ensures the listener is never going to get bored – definitely no fear of that here! The opening riffs to ‘Utopia’ are actually quite melodic, and unlike anything heard so far and almost act as the introduction to the song before the heavier and slower riffs burst open in marked contrast. Vocally the track is actually very sparse as there is a long section to the song which would be classed as instrumental, the drums being given free rein to really ‘do their own thing’ which they do for the good of the song. The more melodic start to the previous track appears to have ‘rubbed off’ on ‘Failures’ as it begins in quite melodic fashion, having an almost anthem like feel to it which may be attributed to the slower pace in part. Personally, the band sound at their best at full speed and this song really detracts what the band are capable of doing, which is playing brutal as fuck, tight and precise savage death metal. Maybe this track is the album ‘filler’? ‘Dripping Black Bile’ returns the album to the heavier death metal which was lacking previously, however the pace is once again held back to the slower tempos which is shame as this is the shortest song on the entire album and anyone hoping they would blast entirely through the three, nearly four minutes will be sadly let down. Title track ‘The Dark Era’ closes proceedings continues on in similar fashion, slower heavier riffs are accompanied by slow rhythmic drumming which lacks the truly killer blow to end the album. It’s fairly obvious the band were opting for the more epic ending which is fair play, epic endings do work on certain albums but as mentioned earlier, DBB are a much greater proposition when they unleash the furious blast beat lead brutal death metal. These are added in towards the close of the song, but only sparsely. Overall, the album is almost a tale of two halves with the opening few tracks bursting forth in suitably brutal fashion and highlighting what the band are truly capable of. Then, as the album progresses, the pace and feel to the album is somewhat relaxed and takes on a more epic, anthem like sound. Thankfully, the differing styles adopted don’t sound “too different” so as to give the album a disjointed sound. The production utilised holds all the songs and the album together well as does the tightness of the playing. Packed full of variety, with a tightness and extremely high standard of musicianship, there will be something to quench the thirst of the majority of extreme metal fans, be it the brutal blast beat heavy death metal assault or the slower, Morbid Angel inspired crawls, this album is sure to please and comes well recommended.
7.5 Out of 10
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