Saturday, 7 June 2014

Achren - The White Death

Self Released 2014
1. Archangel 2. The Eschatologist 3. Suomen Susi
Glaswegian black/thrashers Achren have returned with a less than fresh dose of depravity in the form of new EP "The White Death", a follow up to the bands 2011 debut album "The Forgotten King". Opening track "Archangel" displays all the vocal savagery of a Frankie Boyle put down crossed with a poisonous malice fuelled tone that lets you know that Achren means business. Musically the band thrash rampantly through this short opening track in a blizzard of punchy riffs, gruelling melodies and ravenous drumming, all with a solid, cold undertone beneath and room for some impressive guitar solos.
"The Eschatalogist" is almost a complete style change. Longer, slower and with a far more rawer edge than the previous track, Achren lose none of their spite and intensity but come across as more serious and just as deadly.  Yet despite this the song is catchy and has a gripping chorus, signs of a rapidly maturing band sound wise and one who understands the importance of strong song writing. Finishing with "Suomen Susi" (The Finnish Wolf) and Achren build slowly and superbly with this well crafted track which showcases the bands ability to be subtle and poignant as well as a heavy and destructive. Just over a decade into their career and still going strong. On the evidence of this release the band are better than ever!
8 Out Of 10 - Luke Hayhurst
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