Saturday, 7 June 2014

De Profundis - Frequencies

Self Released 2014
1. A Strange Awakening 2. Illumination 3. Singularity 4. Crystal Mountain
After the release of three straight albums, UK progressive black metal band De Profundis have changed tack slightly and offered up a four track EP to be released through Terrorizer Magazine later this month. Entitled "Frequencies", this four track opus is as talented and inspired as it is frustrating and left field. I've been a fan of progressive rock all of my life but when the prefix progressive is used in black metal the end results can be horrifying or profound. I'd say De Profundis have stayed firmly on the profound side of the fence with this one despite parts of opening track " A Strange Awakening" meandering off on its own whimsical journey in places before returning to the main stay of thunderous black metal savagery.
"Illumination" is kept rather more in check by the band whose melodic meets battering ram style is rather intoxicating, a style they have adopted on previous recordings to great effect! "Singularity" is a destructive hell bent and focused bout of furious extreme metal that deftly rampages through its repertoire before the finale track "Crystal Mountain" adds a maniacal cum catchy finishing flurry of superb black metal majesty! Give it a few listens for sure as De Profundis always offer up more than the first hearing reveals. I think you'll be pleased with the finished work!
8 Out Of 10 - Luke Hayhurst
Band Page: Here

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