Saturday, 7 June 2014

Foetal Juice - Big Trouble In Little Vagina

Grindscene Records 2013
1.Big Trouble In Little Vagina 2.Brewkakke 3.Semen Evil Smear No Evil
4.Serpents Of The Northern Lights 5.Service Station Masturbation
Bludgeoning death metal is what greets you from the outset, the opening track and hilariously titled “Big Trouble In Little Vagina” is a punishing orgy of rabid raspy vocals, backed up brilliantly with deep gutturals all supported by European styled brutal death metal. There’s also a hint of a punk/grind influence to the band’s music, which shows itself in “Brewkakke”, beginning in almost ‘Naplam Death’ fashion before settling down into mid-paced death metal that certainly has a heavy dose of groove mixed in. There’s a very ‘loose’ feel to the band's music, not that they’re sloppy by any means, more leaning towards a punk/grind ethos. ‘Semen Evil Smear No Evil’ is a much more potent offering, really blasting from the opening riff and giving off a really punishing atmosphere. It’s a lot more death metal than the previous two tracks and is actually the stand out track so far, being really well written and constructed.
Serpents Of The Northern Lights’ follows on in similar fashion. It seems that when FJ drop the punk/grind influence, their songs sound extremely deadly and have a real sense of purpose and definitely shows the band off at their best. Closing this short e.p is ‘Service Station Masturbation’ which sees the band return to the style optimized in the first two tracks, Napalm Death would again be a close reference point. The dual vocal delivery has been great throughout and again here is used extremely effectively. This closing track is massively brutal, as brutal as the band has sounded so far, having a real sense of determination and purpose. FJ are one of those bands that really appeal and fans of death metal, punk or grind will all find something to enjoy in the five tracks on offer, although I feel the death metallers will be the ones to really lap this up! If FJ reined back the punk/grind elements and concentrated slightly more on the brutal death metal, then they would certainly be an extremely potent force to be reckoned with. That said, this is a massively enjoyable e.p. which shows off the bands talents brilliantly, death metal with a sense of humour is hard to pull off, but these four lads from Bury do it very well. Now, lets see a full length please! Comes well recommended.
7.5 Out Of 10 - Chris Newby
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