Sunday, 13 July 2014

Seprevation - Consumed

Self Released 2014
1. Divine Devastation 2.Servants of Suffering 3.Ascension of Agony
4.Sarcophagal Chamber 5.Dreams 6.Slave to the Grave 7.In Torment They Burn
8.Sea – Of Thoughts 9.Postmortem Lividity 10.Between two Worlds
UK Death/Thrashers Seprevation have dropped their debut album upon us. Entitled simply “Consumed”, this 80′s and 90′s inspired tome of evil rips into life with “Divine Devastation”, one of many hints at an anti-religious theme running through the album! Yet for all the brutal build up and rampant expectation, its sombre, almost pure sounding dashes of melody that greet the ear when hitting play! Not that this lasts very long, soon enough the ravenous old school riffs, frantic drumming and Sepultura like vocal tones and musical vibes are taking full effect! Fast, frenetic and utterly devastating, Seprevation take no shit and give no mercy in their quest for dominant, death dealing mayhem! Bass heavy moments such as in “Servants of Suffering” add to the 80′s vibe and as things progress that Sepultura influence continues to be worn on sleeve! Still, this is no clone or covers band and Seprevation make this sound their own and in doing so display a mighty amount of technical prowess and musical talent! Song writing too is of a high level despite the majority of the music on offer being fast, hard and chaotic! Catchier tracks such as “Sarcophagal Chamber” (Sarcofago will be so proud) keep the album fresh and lively even into its middle stages and on the whole the album is of a superb quality throughout and never wavers in its aim for filthy, old school brutality!
7 Out of 10 - Luke Hayhurst
Band Page: Here
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