Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Masochist - Condemned To Grovel

UKEM Records 2014
1.Prologue to Prolapse 2.Forced Fornication 3.Vomit Every Dreg
4.A Peeling Flesh 5.Foetid Existence
Cometh the hour, cometh the band! From a humble working class background in Wakefield, death grind outfit Masochist have risen and as time goes on and gigs go by they convert more and more people into fans! Now Masochist have returned to UKEM Records for their brand new EP release going by the name of "Condemned to Grovel", five tracks of putrid extremity, sickening lyrics and brutal noise! Opening track "Prologue to Prolapse" is a slow, menacing beginning that casts an immediate dark and ravenous atmosphere before the quick paced brutality of "Forced Fornication" can kick in! Even here though for the most part Masochist slow down the pace and concentrate on crushing simplicity as riffs, drums and bass unite to strike fear into the hearts of the uninitiated whilst guttural vocals spew forth endless depravity and filth! This flicking back and forth from sluggish riff fury to balls out fast paced carnage showcases all of the weapons in the Masochist arsenal!
Adding a little humour to proceedings the intro clip for "Vomit Every Dreg" comically states "blood was dripping from his mouth, blood...blood...and bits of sick", before another bout of putrid gore soaked abomination is delivered with crippling sledge hammer like riffs, slow maniacal fury and more throat searing vocals. If the previous tracks showed a willingness to be versatile and in some ways thought provoking, "A Peeling Flesh" is the exception to the rule and this punishing trap is nothing short of a pile-driver of fast riffs, harsh vocals and the deep rumbling of well executed bass and drumming work! To finish with Masochist unleash "Foetid Existence", a short track of pummelling ferocity that brings proceedings to a swift, violent end! It's great to see the return of Masochist and to see them with UKEM once more! Watch out for more Yorkshire brutality in the near future!
8 Out Of 10 - Luke Hayhurst
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