Saturday, 26 July 2014

Skiddaw - Skiddaw

SixSixSix Music 2014
1.Skiddaw Forest 2.Skiddaw Towers 3.Gates Of Beleth 4.Even Titans Fall
Taking their name from the Cumbrian mountain found within the depths of the Lake District, black metal duo Skiddaw have unveiled their debut self titled EP. Opening track "Skiddaw Forest" is a slow, unyielding piece of work with a calculating drumming display mixed with pleasing bass melodies and tremolo guitar sounds that leads nicely into the more aggressive "Skiddaw Towers" whose guttural vocal display combines well with the clamor of drums and the rumble of bass as well as more venomous riff-age! Skiddaw's work has a slightly under-produced feel, that of many demo releases and adds to the ethereal and brooding qualities that the band cultivate yet at times despite the nihilistic feel of black metal Skiddaw do come across as catchy and extremely enjoyable! Featuring a more direct and rampant approach as opposed to the bands thoughtful and almost progressive nature previously, "Gates of Beleth" is a surging shot of adrenaline fuelled hostility, belligerent blast beats and cold, menacing riffs! A true icy blast of old school black metal savagery! To finish with Skiddaw dish out "Even Titans Fall", a track that makes the rest feel docile! This is how to end a demo, with out right fury! Skiddaw then are an impressive proposition if their opening demo offering is anything to go by! Keep your eyes and ears to the north and listen out for the Cumbrian's grim call!
7 Out Of 10 - Luke Hayhurst
Band Page: Here

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