Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Austerymn - In Death We Speak

GoatPrayer Records 2013
1.In Death We Speak 2. Excarnation
There really isn’t any getting away from the influences that old school death metal Austerymn draw from. It’s all about the old school Swedish death metal sound here. Think Nihilist, Dismember, Carnage, Grave etc. and you know what you’re in for! ‘In Death We Speak’ is a two track offering which was originally released on cassette, only fitting giving the nature of the music on offer. From start to finish, the two tracks (‘In Death We Speak’ and ‘Excarnation’) absolutely ooze pure death metal filth, the guitar production in particular paying homage to that early Stockholm sound and add to that the reverb and echo heavy vocal production and Austerymn have pretty much nailed it here. Throughout both tracks there is a swagger and a catchiness to their song writing and if any comparisons were needed then (older, Like An Ever Flowing Stream era) Dismember is the first band that springs to mind. There’s a really good mix of paces in both tracks, moving effortlessly from the slow morbid crawls through to the faster blasting sections.
The band has recently signed with Spanish label Memento Mori and what a great addition to the label these lads are, their style will fit in perfectly with other roster bands. Judging by this promo, there is indeed a great deal to look forward to on their full length album. Morbid, fetid and uncompromising old school (Swedish influenced) death metal that really packs a punch, Austerymn will definitely appeal to those old school death metallers who need a trip down memory lane and those younger fans just getting into the genre that need an introduction on how death metal should be delivered! This promo comes very highly recommended as I’m sure the forthcoming full length will – here’s hoping! Note – If you like your death metal all nice and polished and triggered to fuck, stay well away!!
8.5 Out of 10
Band Page: Here

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