Monday, 18 August 2014

No Fucks Given - Gold Tooth in a Mouth Full of Rotten Fillings

Self Released 2014
1.Fresh Hell 2.Never Fast Enough 3.Any Minute Now I'm Going to Kill Someone
4.Nation of Cunts 5.Tanks are Shit 6.Barcoder
7.Thanks for the Memories, Now Fuck Right Off 8.This is the End, My Rotten Fiend
Eight tracks in fifteen minutes? That's grind for you! Specifically in this case UK crusty grinders No Fucks Given and their new release "Gold Tooth in a Mouth Full of Rotten Fillings". Now some of you may be thinking... how do they expect to get anywhere with a name like that? In answer read the name again and shut your flaps! Not the biggest of grind fans, even I can't help but by impressed with this quarter hour of putrid ramblings, hostile noise and rampant aggression. Opener "Fresh Hell" is a reverb shrouded blast of murky air, slow and sludge like one moment, frantic and aiming for your throat the next! "Never Fast Enough" is the musical equivalent of throw enough shit at a wall and some will stick, a testimony to the bands don't give a rats ass ethos with some slower, more crushing moments thrown in whilst the hilarious titled (But probably deadly serious) "Any Minute Now I'm Going to Kill Someone" mixes slower crust/hardcore vibes before exploding violently into a rampage of violence! A "Nation of Cunts"? Hard not to agree really but seriously... what do these guys have against tanks? There really is little else to say on the matter of No Fucks Given... in terms of intensity and flat out aggression the band never wavers and a grisly ode to The Doors for the finale of "This is the End, My Rotten Fiend" is a cool touch! In short, get this!
7 Out Of 10
Band Page: Here

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