Sunday, 17 August 2014

Arcane North - Enter the Arcane North

Self Released 2014
1. Ravenous and Cavernous 2. Eternal Forest Waltz 3. Beneath the Crooked Oak
The north of England is synonymous with many things. Old mining villages, salt of the earth people and a no nonsense attitude. Also it is the birthplace of true black metal (Ahem, Venom anyone?) and over the last three decades the north has produced some classic and often under-rated bands. Think of the likes of A Forest of Stars, Old Corpse Road, White Medal and the likes. County Durham now has a new name to add to the list with one man outfit Arcane North and its debut EP "Enter the Arcane North", a three track opening offering of atmospheric black metal. William, the man behind Arcane North draws inspiration from his surroundings and the world brought to life in his own dreams, from supreme bleakness to dazzling greenery, all of this is filtered into his work which opens with "Ravenous and Cavernous" and sees this lengthy and thought provoking project begin slowly with a cloying dark ambiance created through cold, methodical riffs, strangled vocal work and impressive atmospheric synth shrouded the sturdy drumming and bass display! As things progress the chugging pace continues and more emphasis is out into the swirling atmospheres and undertones that make this work come alive! Not only that but the vocal display is a blend of passion, angst, fury and pain that bleeds into the music superbly. "Eternal Forest Waltz" is exactly what you'd hope for. Thoroughly nocturnal vibes, owls hooting and a slow meander through the trees in the moonlight whilst depressive chant like music fills your mind and expands your understanding and awareness of what’s around you, as does finale track "Beneath the Crooked Oak" which offers up more sounds of nature and wildlife whilst the slow rhythmic drum beats leads ritualistically into another slow, ponderous track filled with mysterious chant like vocals and more intensive grinding riffs and haunting atmospherics!  Arcane North then add majestically to the North’s black metal heritage and look likely to add even more to it in coming years!
8 Out Of 10 - Luke Hayhurst
Band Page: Here

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