Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Bloodshot Dawn - Demons

Self Released 2014

1.Smoke And Mirrors 2.Consequence Complex 3.United 4.Inadequacy
5.Black Hole Infinity 6.Human Void 7.The Image Faded 8.Demons

Bloodshot Dawn are a Melodic/Technical Death Metal band, and as it stands, it would be easy for them to be swallowed by the tide of other bands in this genre. Thankfully they have a lot to offer. This is their second full length album (released 26-10-2014) which sees them going from strength to strength. First is the excellent production, from the opening song ‘Smoke and Mirrors’ you get a tight and exciting range of sounds. The guitar playing is excellent; complex yet with very catchy melodies. The drumming is tight with a good range of styles featuring blast beats and high energy playing its hard not to get excited over such great playing. The bass tones are smooth and the vocals are the icing on the cake. Nothing is left to chance, everything is well thought out. 
There is very little filler to speak of over the 42 minutes and 8 songs, every song is played at a high tempo, but, not too fast, not too slow. There is a real sense of urgency in their work. With a limited use of keyboards, there is very little dead space on each song (if any at all) and you really do get a lot of music for your money.The longest song, ‘The Image Faded’ contains guest guitar solos from Teemu Mäntysaari (Wintersun), Per Nilsson (Scar Symmetry) , Andy James and Chris Amott (Armgeddon, Ex-Arch Enemy) is a total shred guitar fest! Fans of any of these guitarists will instantly recognise their unique playing styles. ‘Demons’ also boasts some very eye-catching artwork by Pär Olofsson. It’s very difficult to find fault with anything on this album. Bloodshot Dawn have really spent time getting to grips with making excellent music. They are a good example of ‘practice makes perfect’. In short, this is an absolute must for fans of Melodic Death Metal. 

Huw Morgan - 10 Out of 10

Band Page: Here

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