Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Exquisite Ending - The Rite Of Misanthropism Psalms: I to IV

Hibernacular Records 2015

1.Psalm I: The Invocation Of The Abhorrent Void
2. Psalm II: The Mass Congregation Of Detestable Despair
3. Psalm III: Ostracism Of Tormenting Morality
4. Psalm IV: In This Quietus, We Perish As One Vessel

This is the first part of a conceptual series of recordings (released 15.01.15) exploring a set of beliefs created by the UK based band. Each of the four songs on this EP is listed as a ‘psalm’ with a total running time of about twenty minutes. This is the follow up to two previous releases; a full length album and a split with another UK band, Written in Torment. So, what does it sound like? Exquisite Ending have a good grasp of song arrangement. They follow a traditional sounding Black Metal format. All the expected elements are present; tortured vocals, razor sharp guitars, frantic bass lines and chaotic drums. They are also not afraid to experiment with spoken intros, samples, melodic passages and changing tempos. It is very difficult to place them into any one genre. They have sounds reminiscent of Dark Funeral (early production), Xasthur (ambience), Shining (arrangements) and arguably Mayhem (Wolf’s Lair Abyss guitar/drum tones). 
There is an overall feeling of despair throughout the music however, as this is quite bombastic sounding, you never quite dip into total depression. It’s more like you’re being taken along on a musical journey. As with all good Black Metal releases, this has the ultimate key element - vision. It takes you to a place no other music can, an escape from reality, an insight into someone else’s creation. As this is the first instalment of the series, you get a feeling that there is much more to come and if this is anything to go by, the rest of the series will be well worth getting hold of. 

9 Out Of 10

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