Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Fed To The Boars - Family Of Swine

Self Released 2014
1.Family Of Swine 2.Meat 3.Snuffed Out
There seems to have been a real resurgence within the UK underground of punishing old school death metal bands and another such like are Newcastle’s ‘Fed To The Boars’. Their three track e.p. ‘Family Of Swine’ pays homage to the early 90’s when death metal really was death metal, sounding raw, unpolished and nasty. Title track and opener ‘Family Of Swine’ reeks of early Swedish death metal worship, the guitar tone, the reverb heavy vocals and the way the song is delivered. From start to finish it’s utterly punishing, amazingly nasty and ultimately a savage slab of heavy death metal. ‘Meat’ follows on and if anything, sounds even more devastating as the song is only 1:30 in length so the pace it upped to the max to really add to the brutally savage appeal. ‘Snuffed Out’ closes this short e.p, with the pace dropping off slightly, an injection of groove added into the guitars which really gets the head nodding. As ever, the vocals are a real stand out, being brutally guttural and suiting the old school atmosphere perfectly. Hints of very old Dismember began to creep into this closing track, which is probably a good comparison for the whole e.p as is Séance, Nihilist and Grave.  
The band only came together last year, so to produce such a stand out piece of death metal is an amazing feat and is testament to the bands ability to capture “that old school sound” amazingly well. Three tracks of filthy, putrid old school death metal with a production and delivery that will have many a fan grinning widely, FTTB are proving to be extremely good at what they’re doing and this release comes highly recommended. Surely these guys have a nastily bright future ahead of them, here’s looking forward to the next release!
8 Out of 10
Band Page: Here

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