Sunday, 16 November 2014

Subservience - Upheaval

Self Released 2014
1.Upheaval 2.Inhuman Savagery 3.Slither 4.Divine Malevolence
If you prefer your death metal will a little less pace and a bit more old school influenced groove then Subservience might just be for you. Their new four track e.p  is packed full of bludgeoning death metal that opts to take things at a steady pace, rather than going for all our blast, which is where the bands ability to write some great death metal really stands out. Opener ‘Upheaval’ really sets a menacing tone, the songs bloody carcass remaining slow to mid-paced, but more importantly heavy! Faster blast beats flirt with the song occasionally adding variation, but the songs strength definitely lies in its ability to actually be a song, and not a blur of overly fast and technical nonsense. ‘Inhuman Savagery’ follows on in similar fashion, pounding and pummelling the listener into submission. Again, faster sections are incorporated, but their use is kept to a minimum which works in the bands favour. ‘Slither’ is another monstrous slab of quality death metal and comparisons could probably be made to Cannibal Corpse when they drop the pace and inject a slice of groove. There are also similarities to fellow UK death metal quartet Masochist.  
‘Divine Malevolence’ closes proceedings in suitably brutal fashion, albeit with slightly more melody added to the guitars but it’s the perfect way to end things. It actually sounds like a song that was written specifically to end this release, with its epic feel and crawling nastiness, great stuff! It’s refreshing to listen to death metal that isn’t just about speed and technical ability and more about producing some really solid, pounding songs that are old school in essence but with a modern day edge. Subservience has managed this and some! Praise also has to be given for the effort the band put into the actual physical release, from the superb cover art through to the nicely presented digi-packs. It shows a band really wanting to make their mark and be remembered, which they definitely do.  Upheaval is tight, brutal, pounding and showcases the band at their very best – this comes well recommended!
8 Out Of 10
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