Sunday, 23 November 2014

Orange Goblin - Back from the Abyss

Candlelight Records 2014
1.Sabbath Hex 2.Übermensch 3.The Devil's Whip 4.Demon Blues
5.Heavy Lies the Crown 6. Into the Arms of Morpheus 7.Mythical Knives
8.Bloodzilla 9. The Abyss 10.Titan 11.Blood of Them 12. The Shadow over Innsmouth
Good old Orange Goblin. They are as reliable as a sledge hammer. Year after year, they put out quality releases using their experience to build a better record. Time spent touring, travelling and working hard are evident. Each song has their signature sound. “Back from the Abyss” is their eighth full length studio album and they show no sign of stopping. Clocking in at just under an hour, this is not too long and not too short for the twelve song affair. Smooth guitar tones, clear vocals, distinctive drums and thrusting bass tones are easy on the ear. Everything is played with solid conviction with a positive attitude. The first three songs; “Sabbath Hex”, “Ubermensch” and “The Devil's Whip” set the tone for the album. Comparisons to Motorhead, Metallica and Thin Lizzy harmonies can be found everywhere.
The band has not been afraid to experiment. Quiet parts to songs and passages that wouldn’t go amiss in a B.B. King set have given them a new string to their bow. The running order of the songs also gives this album a high ‘I want to play this again’ appeal. Saying that, pick any song on the album and it will stand up on its own. For example, “Bloodzilla” and the epic “Blood Of Them” are placed strategically to give a mid-way boost and final cool down respectively to this record. This seems to be a recurring theme to the album with the diversity of good song writing. You can tell the band take pleasure in their work and have crafted it over many years. Newcomers and long standing fans will not be disappointed. Their songs are commercial, but not so commercial it becomes main stream. They’ve managed to capture the right mix of Heavy Metal, Blues and Rock influences.
8 Out Of 10
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