Monday, 17 November 2014

The King Is Blind - The Deficiencies Of Man

Mordgrimm 2014
1.A Thousand Burning Temples 2. Of Osiris & Execration 3. Thorns That Pierce The Skull
4. Revelation, Apocalypse
The King Is Blind are relative newcomers to the scene but its ranks feature ex-members of Cradle of Filth and Extreme Noise Terror so anticipation is high to say the least. The band describes themselves as ‘Monolithic Metal’ and as ‘A Thousand Burning Temples’ spews out with pure hatred, venom and spite it is more than clear that this description is extremely apt. Snarled rasping vocals cut the speakers through like razor-wire through flesh. Musically this opening track has much to offer, flitting from old school influenced death metal through to melodic black metal seamlessly and with utter conviction leaving the listener in no doubt whatsoever as to the bands musical intentions. Strangely ‘Of Osiris And Execration’ takes you by surprise, the tempo and style dropped to a more rock inspired groovy doom metal feel, which at a first listen doesn’t quite sound in fitting with the opening track, but then as the song progresses it all seems to fit into place perfectly and you find yourself being dragged into the bands horrid despair. The track becomes strained and tortured, distorted menacingly into a musical nightmare, albeit a very good one!
‘Thorns That Pierce The Skull’ is a different beast altogether, blasting open in almost black metal fashion and continuing that theme throughout much of the song. The dual vocal delivery really stands out here, again spitting out pure hell and delivered with pure menace and they are the perfect accompaniment to the music. Final song ‘Revelation, Apocalypse’ slows proceedings down once again, although this time the song is more twisted and distorted, building the tempo up slowly to end on a real high. There is no doubt that TKIB have produced an absolute monster of an e.p and their experience from previous acts really shines through in their song-writing ability. For such a short release there really is a lot on offer and this should see the band pushed to the top of the UK underground as one of the bands to keep an eye on, such is the quality on display. Highly recommended blackened death metal with doom influences, this is the soundtrack to accompany your worst night terror!
8.5 Out Of 10
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