Friday, 28 December 2012

Nerrus Kor - Frenzied, Savage, Inhumane

Zine Records 2012
1.The Unnamed 2.Frozen In Fear 3.Indoctrination 4.Carthage
Short intro before ‘The Unnamed’ blasts opens furiously in a barrage of blast beats and ultra-heavy guitars, a storm of pummelling death metal from the outset. Speed is then replaced with a more mid-paced groove which really opens the song up with a multitude of influences clearly on display. Death metal throughout, there’s a hint of American (Cannibal Corpse) style mixed with a more European feel, sounding especially Swedish influenced in places. ‘Frozen In Fear’ follows on in similar fashion with tempos being chopped and changed regularly but maintaining a good speed, never really falling far from the mid-paced assault. This second track does sound a lot more brutal than the opener, mainly due to the higher pace and speeds being maintained and this seems to be where the band sit more comfortably, sounding particularly sharp and dangerous when they’re at full throttle and blasting their way through the track. Extra ‘punch’ is added through the varied vocals with the main ultra-guttural vocals being replaced sporadically with the screamed, harsh and spite ridden style which offers up a good mix. ‘Indoctrination’ backs off pace wise, only slightly however and takes on the groovier theme heard in the opening track. There’s a bigger U.S Death metal sound to this track, the pinch harmonics are responsible for that and they really add to the heavy and groove ridden guitar work. When the pace is taken up a notch, there’s a real frenzied feel to the song with a real sense of urgency to the music – it’s all good!
Closing this four tracker is ‘Carthage’ which begins in particularly pummelling fashion with Cannibal Corpse springing to mind once again along with European acts such as Vomitory and Grave; and it is as brutal as the band have sounded so far. Blast beats leading the opening portion of the track before a slower, more mid-paced section takes over. Again, a good mix of tempos make for a good, interesting song that absolutely destroys, pummels and lets you know exactly how it is! The band cites a black metal influence, but to these ears I don’t see where that is. Death metal is definitely at the centre of the band’s sound, and what a brand of death metal it is, absolutely destroying from start to end, bludgeoning the listener with the sloppy stump of a still twitching hacked off arm (or leg, or head, whichever limb is preferred). From the opening menacing riffs, the intensity, aggression and brutality on display is second to none and it’s all extremely well played with a production that kicks you square in the chest and then thumps repeatedly until the e.p. ends. More than enough line-up changes have not deterred NK from producing an absolutely killer four track e.p. that shows a professionalism that really stands out. Hopefully the band can find themselves a drummer and continue to lay waste. Full on, in your face, brutal death metal with a monster of a production and packaged superbly, this is very worthy of your attention and comes well recommended.
8 out of 10

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