Saturday, 15 December 2012

Unfathomable Ruination - Misshapen Congenital Entrophy

Sevared Records 2012
1.Preface To The Forlorn Spectrum 2.Pantheonic Synchroschme
3.Carved Inherent Delusion 4.Extinction Algorithm In Procession
5.Monochrome Obedience 6.Consequential Failure 7.Futile Colossus Decapitated
8.Anti-Genesis 9.Edges Of Disfigured Atrocity
10.Vacant Planets (Death Cover)
No messing around here, we’re straight into the onslaught as ‘Preface To The Forlorn Spectrum’ crashes open menacingly, a real brooding atmosphere building through the heavy as fuck guitars, news clip samples and ultra-guttural growls. It’s short and to the point and introduces the first ‘real’ track ‘Pantheonic Synchroschme’. U.F display an amazing technicality to their music, ultra precise guitars are backed up by some crazed drum work with Daniel’s ever guttural voice making the perfect accompaniment. It’s very bass heavy, which is a good thing where brutal death metal is concerned, packing a real punch as it does here, pounding mercilessly throughout. Tempo wise, the band use a variety, from all out blast laden madness through to a sludge laden crawl. Definitely adds the required variety, no fear of a one dimensional sound. ‘Carved Inherent Delusion’ really shows off the production to the extreme, the ultra-heavy guitars really smash through from the speakers. There’s a lot more blasting here, which is going to please the speed freaks, gravity blasts introduced by Doug which really add to the ‘Crazed’ feel of the whole song. As the track breaks into its second half, the pace then drops slightly, the menacing and brooding atmospheres return, things taking a really sinister turn. The guitar harmonies/solos are one point to note, sounding extremely catchy and providing the song with ‘something different’ – great stuff!
‘Extinction Algorithm In Procession’ is an absolute monster of a track, having already used these words to describe the band, they seem fitting again – brutal and punishing. Again, the bands technical excellence shines through. Speed and technicality are a hard balancing act, but U.F has found the balance and are showing it off brilliantly. A theme followed through on ‘Monochrome Obedience’ which opens up in a barrage of gravity blast laden brutality and there’s real no let up. Sonic booms add to the intensity on offer. ‘Consequential Failure’ is yet another slab of extreme death metal played flawlessly and effortlessly. Again, there is no let-up in the onslaught, the guitars and drums an absolute whirlwind of grinding insane wizardry. These guys are accomplished musicians and it really shows here. As ‘Futile Colossus Decapitated’ begins it is delivered in a similar vein to the opening intro track, slow and sludgy with a slight ‘slam’ edge to it. This is where Daniels ultra-guttural vocal delivery is really pushed to the fore. I once mentioned in a review of Daniels other band (Eye of Solitude) that I thought he was one of the best death metal vocalists the UK has to offer, and I stick by that statement. His style is best described as ‘Devastating’; in fact the whole track is just that!
‘Anti-Genesis’ begins life rather differently than any of its predecessors, having a very discordant, almost out of tune lead guitar effect which actually works very well over the simple, but heavy guitars and is only really used as an instrumental interlude, or filler. The last of the bands own tracks, ‘Edges Of Disfigured Atrocity’ is a superb way to end the bands own material. Another absolute torrent of technical and brutal death metal and showcasing everything the band has to offer in terms of pace, ability and technicality. A joy to behold, especially when the guitar solo kicks in towards the end of the track; giving it a really amercian death metal feel with bands such as Monstrosity and Brutality spring to mind. Their cover of Death’s ‘Vacant Planets’ is amazing and they have done justice to what is an amazing track anyway. Well done, Chuck will be throwing you the horns from wherever he is now (R.I.P). Yet again, a UK band has produced a ‘genre leading’ album that is heads above many around them. The band has definitely improved since the release of their first self-titled e.p. This is technical and brutal death metal of the highest order, an album which many a band can only dream about making. This could be the album which see’s the band springboard onto bigger and better things, here’s hoping. A must have for fans of brutal death metal who like their music to be challenging and interesting to listen to. Very highly recommended
9 out of 10

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