Thursday, 6 December 2012

When Gods Burn - Interview

Delving deep into the underground, UKEM discovered When Gods Burn. We decided to get an insight into this four piece extreme metal act....
For those unfamiliar with the band, please give us a brief history of the band? We started in November 2007 as a group of 6  mates just wanting to jam and have a laugh .we did a demo in 08 played numerous gigs etc , then in 09 we lost a vocalist, drummer and lead guitarist due to other commitments !we decided at that point to remain a 4 piece and spent the later half of 09 and the beginning of 2010 auditioning drummers .and we found the right guy eventually and were still going now and getting stronger every year .
Who came up with the band name and what is the influence behind choosing such a moniker? I Poshie(guitars)came up with the name after months of going over other names and ideas with the rest of the guys .the name, well it has many possible meanings  such as when gods actually burn !or when gods burn us !or even when gods burn as in a group of religious icons sitting around smoking a spliff! In all honesty we never put any real thought into the name and it was just a load of random words that we put together and they seemed to fit and we all agreed on it. It was only later that we found out that it was also the title of an e.n.t. song , but it’s a great song by a great band so its all good.
Please give us an idea of the bands discography. So far we have our first self titled  demo that we put out in October 08 and gave away over 600 copies to try and get our name out there and obtain gigs. And in april this year we put out an ep “a state of diminished responsibility “which has 4 new tracks and a reworked track off of the demo which can be downloaded for free from the links on our facebook page . we sometimes have physical copies available at gigs also. Both were home recorded affairs with only the drums being done in a studio, that’s because we are most probably the most skint band we have ever known ha ha.
Are there any new releases on the horizon? We're currently in the process of writing songs for an album which we will more than likely self release in mid 2013. Were looking at around 10 tracks hopefully.
Musically, who influences you, if anyone at all? Well we have a vast age difference in the band with me being the oldest at 38 and sam being the youngest at 25  so as you can imagine our inffluences are vast as well. Im influenced by everything from the early stuff like Sabbath, zeppelin, purple , maiden etc all the way up to modern proggy tech death stuff and pretty much everything in between. Mass (bass)is into his extreme metal but also loves the beatles and a lot of classic rock. Sam(vox) id say main influences are what he grew up with in his youth so stuff like pantera, sepultura, and 90`s metal  but hes pretty much into everything and has a very open mind musically. And dan(drums) is pretty much very open minded to all forms and genres of music. To put it short our main influences are thrash/death/grind/black/doom/hardcore and traditional metal .
What themes and topics do your lyrics deal with? Sam writes 99% of the lyrics and they cover topics from politics ,religion etc all the way to personal experiences hes had whilst being off his tits ! The only subject we don’t really dabble with is the whole gore/fantasy style of lyrics simply because we tend to write about stuff we know  not that we have anything against that style of lyric writing we love stuff like that but it just isn’t what were about .
Composing songs can often be a frustrating process, how do you go about it? I will mostly work on riffs at home and then bring them to the practice room  and show them to the guys , and we just build on it from there. Dan will write his own drum parts  and mass his bits and once weve got the music side sorted sam will then go off and write his lyrics . sam unlike most vocalists has a lot of input in the writing/arranging of riffs drums etc as well so were all involved in the whole process and also if theres parts of sams lyrics we don’t like then we will tell him  ha ha. It can be frustrating especially when your trying to not rip off anyone ha ha .
What could we expect from one of your live performances? Half an hour to 45 mins of non stop extreme metal,played faster than we do on the ep  cause of the rush you get from playing live. Playing live to us is all about enjoying the moment but at the same time holding it down and keeping stuff tight.we enjoy it and we hope that whoever comes to see us live has a great time to .its all about hanging out with people having a great time and a laugh.
Plans for the future? Firstly to get this album recorded and released ,and  to play as many gigs as we can. Were in this purely for the love of playing what we play and having a good time and anything else that comes from being in this band is a bonus. The second we stop smiling and enjoying hanging out onstage and in the practice room is when we call it a day . if its not fun then its time to stop .
What merch do you currently have available and where can we get it? We currently don’t have any merch cos were skint ha ha , on a serious note were currently in the process of getting some shirts sorted out ,and when they are done you will be able to get them from our big cartel page or from gigs .everything you need to know about everything can be found on our facebook page .
Any final words? Yes !  cheers for doing this interview with us and helping us to get more exposure ,we really appreciate it and love what your trying to achieve for the uk underground metal scene .also everyone get of your arses and go out there and support your local metal scene by going to clubs/pubs and checking out  the local bands as well as any small touring uk bands that might be passing through your neck of the woods.without you people out there ,there is no point in bands doing what they do,and all you will be left with is kerrang friendly shite. And lastly please come check us out .Cheers everyone and thanks ukem.

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