Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Spawned From Hate - Withered And Decayed

Self Released 2012
1.Withered And Decayed 2.Asphyxiate 3.Empty Grave 4.Biotech Contagion
As ‘Withered And Decayed’ opens up this debut four track e.p. from Birmingham based death metallers Spawned From Hate, the bands influences are immediately obvious, rooted firmly in the old school death metal swamp. Listening to the opening track it almost feels like you’re taking a trip down memory lane, to the early nineties when death metal was in its infancy and all the bands and music were new, fresh and interesting. Tempos are mixed with a broad range of speeds being utilised, from the slow and creepy through to blast beat laden madness. It’s certainly a damn fine death metal song, and a good introduction to this relatively young band (being formed in late 2011). At 1m54 ‘Asphyxiate’ is the shortest of the songs on offer, opening up in a barrage of pummelling drums and equally pummelling dirty and rotten death metal riffing. There’s a real US death metal influence on display throughout this all too short track, Immolation springing to mind, spiced up with a slight influence from Baphomet maybe. Short and to the point. ‘Empty Grave’ begins in similar fashion, the band once again mixing tempos well, the song generally remaining in ‘mid-paced’ territory, which actually suits the old school inspired riffing extremely well. The pace allows the guitars to lead the track and set the tone throughout; making the song and actual song and not an exhibition in speed or technicality as so much of today’s death metal can be.
Closing this e.p. is ‘Biotech Contagion’ which opts for a slightly different approach, the old school influence still very prevalent but here the band seem to let all hell break lose and mix things up completely, adding in a lot of different time changes and tempos are mixed in a stop start fashion giving the whole song a more technical sound to the three previous efforts. There’s even a bass and drum outro to the track, finishing things on rather a soft tone. All in all this a damn fine debut release which shows some real promise from such a young band and it’s a pleasure to listen to. It’s not the most technical music you’ll hear, but it’s not meant to be. The band isn’t the tightest in the world, but their playing style is appealing and tightness will come with time and experience. Pummelling old school influenced death metal with brutal music and guttural vocals, it’s all that’s needed really isn’t it? Spawned From Hate are well worth checking out and one to keep an eye on for the future.
7 out of 10

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