Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Peacemaker - 3 Track Album Sampler

Self Released 2012
1.Dead Man's Eyes 2.Sorrow Trip 3.The Siberian Problem
Tortured is the best way to describe the opening to ‘Dead Man’s Eyes’, tortured almost sinister with a real sense of brooding anticipation. The atmosphere being created is absolutely crushing. Heavy metal orientated guitars are slowed to a doom laden crawl with the song being split into sections, cleaner acoustic passages set the tone initially, with the cleanly sung, almost whispered vocals used dramatically before the heavy as hell guitars crash in with devastating fashion, the bass heavy rumblings and screamed, harsh and scathing vocal style really set a miserable musical scenario. The pattern of cleaner acoustic passages mixed with the heavy end sections is basically how the song is constructed and in fairness it works very well, the contrast in styles and sound bouncing off each other effectively. ‘Sorrow Trip’ opens up in with a similar feel, the heavy, groove orientated guitars crawling along at a macabre pace. A similar theme as used in the opening track is utilised once again, the track being split into cleaner sections with the heavier sections following on thereafter. However, this track is more repetitive, the riffs dragging out for an eternity with lead guitars and solos used to break the monotony. Not sure about the cowbell though! As the track draws to a close, the pace is dropped even further, the simplistic heavy riffing really taking the track over and seeing it through to its dramatic conclusion.
‘The Siberian Problem’ closes this relatively short ‘album sampler’ (used to showcase the bands talents to potential labels) with the re-introduction of the harsher singing style which were sadly lacking from the second track. The pace and groove are upped slightly and when mixed with the harsher vocal style makes for a really enjoyable listen. In doom metal terms these songs are relatively short and do seem to pass over really quickly, but maybe that’s the appeal. Anything longer might just have been too much. Peacemaker has managed to capture a sense of absolute despair in these songs which lyrically deal with everything that is wrong with the human race…and more! It would have been nice to be sent the full album to review, but if these three songs are anything to go buy, the album will absolutely crush. Hopefully a label will pick these guys up because their album will probably do well with the right backing. Crushing doom, full of malice and despair with some hate filled spite to drag you own even further into their pit of doom! Recommended and looking forward to the full length album.
7.5 Out of 10

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