Monday, 25 July 2011

Gore - Green Around The Gills

1.       Smashed To Pieces By Falling Faeces 2. Ebola Goruguay 3.Blackpool Pleasure Bitch 4.Rage Gauge 5.Pyropractor 6.Stabruary 14th

An older release from 2004, Gore’s (aka Goruguay) ‘Green Around The Gills’ is definitely worth reviewing and highlighting the band’s efforts. Although this cd was released some years ago now, it has a very upto date sound, its release date being irrelevant. It could have been produced yesterday judging by the tracks on offer. As soon as the play button is pressed it is instantly obvious that Gore worship at the altar of Macabre, only slightly less ‘nursery rhyme’ sounding. Opening track ’Smashed to Pieces By Falling Faeces’ is an all-out death metal affair, the Macabre influence present, but not at the forefront of the sound.
 It’s only when track two ‘Ebola Goruguay’ opens up that truly things become Macabre-esque and the rest of the tracks follow the same structure and sound. There's a kind of 'hill billy' sound to the songs with the added 'nursery rhyme' approach. It’s a very niche and unique market that Gore are tapping into. With the Macabre sound and influence it’s kind of a marmite thing (you either love it or hate it). I have to say, I really like it. It's hard to describe Gore's sound without mentioning Macabre too much, but Macabre do have the ‘Murder Metal’ tag all to themselves and no one else has really tried to tap into this market for fear of being accused of copying them and not emulating what Macabre are doing. But, where Gore succeed is that yes, there is a heavy dose of Macabre to their sound, but there is also more to them. Intelligent song structures, memorable songs, very well played death metal with an excellent production. Gore don’t suffer the sometimes ‘very annoying high pitched vocals thing’ that puts a lot of listeners off Macabre, the band use more of a raspy vocal than a high pitched scream. Complemented by guttural backing vocals, it is the vocals that really bring the songs to life.  Add to that the quality of the guitar riffs which are all first rate, very catchy and very well played; these songs are guaranteed to get the old noodle nodding.
Each and every track is a highlight and it’s really refreshing to hear a band creating this style of music (albeit seven years ago) who’s name isn’t Macabre! Being an e.p. there are only 6 songs on offer, which is a shame as typical song length is around the two minute mark which means the e.p. just isn’t long enough. When it’s as enjoyable as this to listen to, you really want more tracks to listen to. Hopefully Gore will release something soon, because if their new material is anywhere near as good as this, it will be very well received. Unique to the UK scene, a good listen and recommended (even though it’s an old release).

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