Saturday, 16 July 2011

Laceration - Promo 2011

Promo 2011 - Self Released
1. Traumatic Insemination 2. Gorging on Putrid Orifices 3. Human Tikka Masala

No fancy intros, no acoustic passages to gently bring us into the first track – its all out frenzied blasting as soon as you hit the play button. We’re treated to U.S style brutal death metal mixed with slam! The opening riff to ‘Traumatic Insemination’ reminiscent of Suffocation style blasting, but then the vocals open up a super guttural barrage similar to Disgorge (U.S). The vocals however are varied, using differing styles of growls, changing from one to the other which works brilliantly, no high pitched black metal style screaming here, Laceration are way to brutal to use them! ‘Gorging On Putrid Orifices’ is another beast of a song. The technical ability of the band is flawless, each member showing great precision and ability whilst playing their instruments. The end section to this song is more brutal than anything I have heard from a UK band to date.
Last track ‘Human Tikka Masala’ starts off at a crawl, showing off the bands ‘slam’ element, but then normal service is resumed shortly thereafter, blasting into frenzied and sometimes technical riffing. For a promo, the production is first class, every instrument clear, the guitars are crystal clear (but heavy), backed up with a heavy as fuck bass making all three tracks effortlessly heavy! It’s a shame there are only 3 tracks to this promo, but understandable given the fact it is only a promo. If Laceration are using this to showcase themselves to labels, I’d be very surprised if the didn’t get a deal from this. Admittedly there are hundreds of bands playing this style, but Laceration are doing it so much better. The songs are unique and memorable which is a bonus for this style of extreme metal, which in itself should get them the recognition they well deserve!
Very highly recommended

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