Saturday, 9 July 2011

Revokation – The End Ablated

  The End Ablated - Self Released 2011

1. Shards Of Piety 2. What Was Therein Inhum'd
3. Unbound By The Infliction Of Abject Torment 4.Martyrdom 5. Defiled And Crucified

The first thing that got my attention about this CD was the production. Whilst being bass heavy, it is also crystal clear and very organic, really 'natural' sounding and not over produced. It's very easy for brutal music to be lost in a cesspool of mess, but Revokation don't suffer such a fate - I could actually feel my lungs rattling while I was listening to this. Revokation mix things up perfectly, U.S inspired death metal with splashes of black metal, its an awesome combination!! The BM sounding sections somehow sit perfectly in the death/grind madness. Not a combination you would expect to gel, but they do!! From grinding all out blast, to heavy break down sludge, to black metal harshness (the BM being used very sparingly), Revokation offer a mix that will have all extreme metal fans drooling, chomping at the bit for each and every track to continue and to not end. When music is this good is doesn't matter what a band are saying, its how they're saying it, and Revokation are saying it perfectly. Its just a shame this release isn't longer, only five tracks to tease us with – bring on a full length!!

These guys are a band that are obviously at the top of their game and are an example of how healthy the UK extreme metal scene currently is, each member of the band playing their instrument with ease and to great effect. This isn’t going to be an over complicated review, all I really need to say is that is its from the UK, its fucking really well played death/grind, its stands head and shoulders above many in the genre and it's a release that should be on your play list. Highly recommended
9 out of 10

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