Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Regurgitate Life - Promo 2011

Self Released 2011

1.The Tempter 2. Diminish In The Shadow Of The Superior One

Currently a one man 'band' but with plans to add more members, Sammy Urwin, the man behind Regurgitate Life has released this promo which contains two tracks of solid death metal. There’s definitely an undercurrent of 'old-school' to these tracks, especially in the vocal delivery and the guitar riffing. It very hard to 'judge' a band basing your opinion on only two tracks though, theres never really enough time to get a feel for what RL is creating musically. However, the fact that there is one man behind these tracks is impressive, creating straight for the throat death metal, no frills, no real surprises, the way death metal is meant to be I guess! First track 'The Tempter' is a good solid death metal song, dipping from mid-paced rumble to crazed blast sections all topped with Sammy's Guttural roar. It is the vocals that gives this track that old-school feel, somehow reminding me of old school swedish death metal bands. However, it is the second track 'Diminish In The Shadow Of The Superior One' that impresses more, some variation is added to the vocals, guitars and overall song structure that definitely keeps the listener engaged. There’s also a melodic guitar interlude which works well.
 Unfortunately I'm not a fan of drum machines and these tracks reaffirm my dislike for them, the kick drum sound and 'feel' is so clinical and precise and way too high in the mix that you find yourself focusing on them too much and missing everything else the songs have to offer. Add to this that the vocals are way too high in the mix and I cant help feeling that Sammy has let the songs down with a poor mix, which is unfortunate, because behind the vocals and drums, there is some excellent death metal riffing. The guitars are just lost in the mix and you have to listen really hard to find them. If Sammy is looking to boost the ranks of RL with more musicians, it can only improve the overall appeal of the band and will bring the songs to life, especially with a drummer rather than a machine. Having said that, I am still really impressed with that fact that one man has created these tracks and has the balls to showcase them live.
Worth checking out. 6.5/10

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