Saturday, 23 July 2011

Trifixion - A Utopia For The Damned

Pathologically Explicit Recordings - 2011

1.The Human Construct (Intro) 2.Fucked In Guttural Vortex 3.Delta 9 Messiah 4. In Nomine Patris 5. Bloodshot Porn 6.Showered In Glass In A World Of Shit 7. Serphant And The Rainbow 8. Whore Goddess 9. The Last Apocalypse 10. Freedom Of The Maladjusted.
Opening up with ‘The Human Construct’ which is an into track, samples from films are used effectively to create an eerie atmosphere. A clich├ęd way to introduce a cd, but its metal, we like it! ‘Fucked In Guttural Vortex’ is then unleashed, punching you full force in the face. This is brutal death metal played flawlessly. Obviously influenced by American death metal, it’s a very modern sound but with definite old school influences. There’s also a technical element to Trifixion’s arsenal, dual leads are supported by blasting drums in this track and they work really well. The technical passage almost has a progressive edge to it, but don’t let the word ‘progressive’ put you off, cos if brutal as fuck death metal is your thing, Trifixion will be right up your street! ‘Delta 9 Messiah’ slows the pace a little for the first twenty seconds of the track, but we then return to some really intricate, yet brutal riffing, again all backed up by some amazing drum work. The pace becomes unrelenting throughout this track, skipping from one crazed section to another, different time signatures used to great effect to give the song its ‘crazed’ feel.
The production is excellent, bass heavy as you would expect for a band in this genre. Clear and precise guitars lead the way, the rhythm section being evident in the amazing drum sound, the kick drums thundering along adding to the overall heaviness of the cd. When listening to this I am reminded of bands that have emerged from Greece such as Inveracity and Mass Infection who are both heavily influenced by the U.S Death Metal scene, yet still sound European. Trifixion do not sound ‘British’ if that makes sense, I’ve not heard a band from the UK sound like this before, which is actually a very good thing. It now shows we are capable of producing bands that can match, if not better the leaders in the genre such as the afore mentioned from Greece. ‘Bloodshot Porn’ is a track that stands out for me, it starts out with a great old school feel, groove inspired riffs following a mid-paced structure which then blasts the fuck out of the speakers. Technical and frenzied, the pace is then dropped slightly, no breakdowns or slam here though, just heavy as hell death metal riffing. ‘Showered In Glass In A World Full Of Shit’ also stands out, due to the variety of the track, all of Trifixions influences on show here, mixing the old school with the modern to create a monstrous track, Giuseppe’s vocals bellowing a guttural torrent of abuse, molesting your ears, it’s all good stuff!
‘Whore Goddess’ also shows off the bands old school influence, pinch harmonics a plenty, reminding me of Incantation, but as with all the tracks, the modern element to Trifixion’s sound is soon unleashed in an amazing deluge of awe-inspiring death metal. ‘Freedom Of The Maladjusted’ offered up an interesting surprise – a piano interlude! Strangely enough it didn’t sound out of place as the bands progressive edge accompanied the interlude. I’m not surprised these guys are signed to Pathologically Explicit Recordings, it is really professionally executed brutal death metal, technical, precise, old school but predominantly modern in its overall feel, it’s not hard to like this disc at all. This cd is very highly recommended, for me, a leader in the UK scene.

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