Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Gran Toucher Interview

So, which dirty bastard came up with the band name?
Edd: Morrish, our bassist came up with it before I even met him, let alone joined the band.
Morrish: Me after watching an old crimewatch episode.

For those unfamiliar with you guys, tell us more about the band.
Edd: Well I am the singer (if you want to call it that), our bassist is Morrish, our guitarist is Sam and our drummer is Jon. Unfortunately Jon has to leave us soon, which means Sam will be moving to drums (multi talented bastard) and we’ll be looking for a new guitarist. The band has existed in one form or another since late 2006, but in this line up only Morrish remains (very Napalm Death). They started out like groovy Goregrind, but that has nothing to do with what the band is now. We are a total Grindcore/Fast Hardcore/Sludge assault. The band only started gigging with the addition of myself and Sam at the start of 2010, and at that point we were well on our way to our current sound.
Morrish: Just four good looking men playing savage grindcore really.

Lyrically, what are the bands inspirations?
Edd: Earlier in the bands history it would have been gore/porn type shit, but I have zero interest in that. I write about fairly nihilistic stuff I guess. Mostly it’s about mortality or things being shitty like the media. There’s also a fair number of songs about the total destruction of the Earth and its inhabitants. So basically its whatever I’m preoccupied with at the time put into a fairly doomy setting. Threaded through with pitch-black humour. Laughing at our inevitable demise.
Morrish: edd better answer this one

Musically, where do you guys draw influence from?
Edd: Old school and current Grindcore and Powerviolence primarily. Bands like Napalm Death (early), Terrorizer (not the shameful reunion album), Repulsion, Fear of God, Brutal Truth, Agathocles, Dropdead, Siege, Weekend Nachos, Nasum, Rotten Sound, Lycanthropy, The Afternoon Gentlemen etc. We also really like D beat Hardcore like Discharge and the nastiest Sludge like Goatsblood.
Morrish: new and old grind/crust/powerviolence punk and hardcore bands.
How has the e.p. ‘Human Cull’ been received by people?
Edd: We’ve had a slew of good reviews for it (one of which was written by your good self), and people who’ve bought it off us have liked it. I’m pretty proud of it because we wanted to capture our live sound and I think we did a fairly good job of doing that. But yeah I think it’s gone down well. No one’s cornered me yet to tell me they hated it.
Morrish: had a great response, couldnt be happier, all round great feedback.

The e.p. was self-released, was this a conscious decision so that you have more control over the release?
Edd: It was down to both impetuousness and a desire to just get off our arses and do something. Had a label been interested in helping us out then we may have gone with that, but since we don’t have 1000‘likes’ on Facebook, nor are we a particularly photogenic bunch, unsurprisingly no one was gagging to front for a band with no recorded material yet. Perhaps this self-released record will show labels that we have something to offer, and if not who fucking cares, we’ll continue down the path of total DIY. In the end we love being a DIY band and networking with other extreme Hardcore and Metal bands round the country (or I should say world now).  The control issue I suppose is relevant in that if we had a label that wanted to influence us in any decisions (final sound/art etc) then we’d have told them to fuck off.

What releases do you have planned for the future? Any plans for a full length cd?
Edd: There are plans for some splits. Nothing is concrete yet, so I won’t name names in case nothing happens with these bands and I get left holding my dick and looking like a twat on the internet. As far as a full length? Doubtful in the true sense of an album (half an hour), but I reckon a 15 – 20 minute cd/ 10” by this time next year would be a possibility. Anyway, we are probably gonna record a load of new stuff at the start of the autumn for said splits. And by a load I mean 10 – 15 minutes to be shared between two to three 7” records.
Morrish: more gigs, get to Leeds and other places, split with rash decision.
Do you guys actively gig and what is a GRAN TOUCHER gig typically like?
Edd: Yeah we gig a fair bit. Recent highlights have included a bunch of gigs with the excellent Cornish Hardcore Punk/Thrash band Rash Decision all around the West Country. Last year we had the honour of supporting the legendary Death/Thrasher’s Grave Desecrator who came over from Brazil, and this week we shared the stage with Black Breath from Seattle. On the horizon are more gigs in Cornwall and Bristol as well as an appearance at Blastonbury fest in Edinburgh. Live we are pretty aggressive. I tend to just go mental and throw myself about to the blasts and D beats. I would say its controlled chaos. We like to sound tight though, not just a wall of noise for the sake of it. Its brutal, chaotic, extremely fast and morbid Hardcore with a bit of humour threaded through it.
Morrish: we try to as much as our free time allows, me and Sam having full time jobs.

Is‘touching grans’ purely a fantasy or are you seasoned veterans of fondling GILFS?
Edd: Morrish fucking loves it. The name is probably quite misleading in that it’s kind of pornographic, but lyrically there’s none of that. It’s a good name though.
Morrish: just a fantasy I’m afraid

Thanks for speaking with us. Any last words you wish to share with our readers?
Edd: Well cheers to you, ‘cos without webzine/fanzine/anyone talking about this music it wouldn’t exist ‘cos no one would know it existed. Hang on does that make sense, it’s getting a bit chicken and egg? Anyway I may as well plug our ep (which is in CD format). If you look us up on facebook or Reverbnation you can buy it off us for £5 if you would like to. We are sort of looking for a label to re-issue it on vinyl, but we aren’t losing any sleep over that. Shout out to Merciless Precision and Rash Decision for playing loads of gigs with us. And to everyone who’s watched us play and bought a cd or a shirt.
Morrish: thanks to anyone who has checked us out, come to see us, bought shirt or ep or just generally been cool to us.
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