Friday, 16 May 2014

Aetherium Mors - Drenched in Victorious Blood

Self Released 2012
1. ons of Men 2.Luciferian March 3.Dreadlord 4.Kingdom of Shadows 5. he Fall of God
6.Order of the Talion 7.Annihilating Fire
Based down in Plymouth, Aetherium Mors are a melodic death/black metal duo who are inspired by the battles of centuries ago fought with sword and axe. "Drenched in Victorious Blood" was released two years ago and intended I'm sure to be their Viking saga epic! Opening track "Sons of Men" is a black metal rampage that leads to more melodic passages further in that sadly unmasks the bands simplistic and amateurish drumming style. I found the guitar play throughout to be absorbing and matched up well to the grim vocals. Some of the more intense guitar based melody is truly thought provoking and enjoyable but when the heaviness levels drop below blast beats the drumming is decidedly average! Still, it is nice to hear a band with such high song writing skills and a penchant for diversity so all is far from lost! Sporting a slower, more thoughtful sound, "Luciferian March" adds a touch of the macabre and the menacing to proceedings but has a simplistic feel too much of it whilst "Dreadlord" continues the bands rampaging momentum whilst adding little more to the album.
My problem with Aetherium Mors is the deceiving nature of the album as the title gives you one impression yet a lot of the bands work seems to be mired in the old clichéd satanic lyrics. Also when playing at full pelt they are impressive but when the tone gets slower and the music more melodic the band really don't have the skill to back it up and so the end result is simple and weak. Four tracks in and "Kingdom of Shadows" is proving now that things have become processional and whilst for the most part the album stays decent, from now until the end the problems I've mentioned re-occur. Essentially what Aetherium Mors suffers from is a talent level that doesn't cover their expansive and melodic thoughts. A plus for imagination, C minus for execution.
6 Out Of 10 (Luke Hayhurst)
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