Saturday, 10 May 2014

Body Harvest - Futile Creation

Grindhouse Music 2014
1.Sadistic Existence 2.Condemned to Suffer 3.Failed Oppressor 4.Deluded Thoughts
5.Mind Rape 6.Bound to the Sky 7.Systematic Genocide 8.Human Death Quest
9.Into the Pandemonium 10.Death Sphere
Bristol's Body Harvest have unleashed their debut album "Futile Creation" through Grindhouse Music, ten tracks of punishing death metal fury! Opening track "Sadistic Existence" kicks in with some horror flick ambiance and crushing riff based savagery as the band kick things into gear with a cautiously paced intro leading to flat out aggression channelled through the thunderous drum beats and rumbling bass lines of Chris Barton and Alex Manghan respectively. With a sound lodged firmly in the camp of early 90's US death metal, Body Harvest nail their colours to the mast early on and never once do they deviate! Personally I'm more of a fan of the slower, more brooding Stockholm style of death metal and whilst I find this Cannibal Corpse inspired death metal a little cliched and flat, there can be no doubt that Body Harvest bring to the table a sense of raw, urgent intensity! 
For the most part each song is a short sharp shock of brutal, hostile death metal power but consequently I found the lack of variation dragging heavily against what I'd choose to listen too. However as tracks such as "Condemned to Suffer" and "Failed Oppressor" so rampantly demonstrate, Body Harvest are a band who know their instruments well and play with a confidence and certainty that makes their ravenous flurries of break neck riffing a worthy experience! In all honesty if standard US inspired Death Metal is your thing then Body Harvest are going to be right up your street. For me though whilst technically a very talented band there is little effort being put into the song writing and as an end result "Futile Creation" is a processional slab of one dimensional extremity!
6 Out Of 10 - Luke Hayhurst
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