Sunday, 4 May 2014

Beyond Grace - Mounstrous

Self Released 2014
1.The Chronophage 2.Inhumanity 3.Invasive Exotics
The brand new "Monstrous" EP from Nottingham death metal quintet Beyind Grace is here and set to give you something to think about!  Opening track "The Chronophage" is a catchy, absorbing testament to this with the rumble of double kick drumming combining well with the bands torrent of technical flourishes on the guitars, crushing rhythms and deep bass laden growls and ravenous hostile shrieks! "Inhumanity" is a savage lyrical blast at those who commit atrocities all over the world for their insane beliefs or for the benefit of their citizens alleged well being. Its raw sounding technical edged death metal vibes are exacerbated by lyrical themes of mistrust and loathing for those in power who take a huge dump on the worlds people every single day! With a little touch of historical theatrics about it, "Invasive Exotics" begins with the rallying call of "Cry havoc and slip the dogs of war" (Julius Ceasar by William Shakespeare) and proceeds into a softer track in spells musically but with deep running tones of hardship, suffering and bloodshed throughout the centuries! "Monstrous" is a compelling release that highlights the true cruel nature of man and spits in the face of our cruelty! Expect more great things from Beyond Grace!
7/10 (Luke Hayhurst)
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