Sunday, 4 May 2014

Merciless Terror - Vile Extinction

Devil's Clause Records 2013
I. Omnicide 00 00 2. Doctrine of Malevolence 3. Circle of Contempt 4. Enraptured
5. Baptized in Blood 6. Hateful Abomination 7. Process of Eradication 8. World Desolation 9. Imminent Death 10. Dystopic Visions 11. Existence Denied
It has been quite an impressive last eighteen months for UK death/thrashers Merciless Terror, touring japan, playing shows with the likes of Warlord UK and playing Bloodstock Open Air last year. It got even better when the bands debut album "Vile Extinction" was finally unleashed upon us and the only downside was that following all of this Merciless Terror was put on ice, I sincerely hope not permanently! Something that instantly caught my attention about this is album is the track “Doctrine of Malevolence” which on top of the bands more trademark death/thrash sound has a really spiteful streak of black metal running through its core. Oddly enough it only appears on this one track for the most part and soon enough Merciless Terror are slamming through tracks like “Circle of Contempt” and “Enraptured” whilst displaying all the grace of a car wreck! When Merciless Terror are not pummelling you with savage drumming then they are berating you with speed freak like riffs and a vocal style that will make lesser music fans cower in fear!
“Vile Extinction” is an album that just refuses to slow down and soon enough in no time at all the band have hammered out four tracks and “Baptized in Blood” is soon rampaging onward until the unthinkable happens, the pace slows, the intensity increases and the slight black metal tinge creeps into proceeds to give the track a deeply malevolent feel. couple that with the early Sepultura influence to the bands sound and especially the guitar solos and I think you’ll all be pleasantly surprised. Whilst it lacks somewhat for variety, we all know that bands like Merciless Terror don’t play to be varied and whimsical, they play to destroy and tracks like “Hateful Abomination” and the crushingly heavy “Process of Eradication” do just that. From start to finish this album is dominant, plain and simple!
9/10 (Luke Hayhurst)
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