Saturday, 10 May 2014

Forneus - Sampler 2014

Self Released 2014
1.Order: Exterminatus 2.Embrace The Covenant
3.The Nine Gates Of The Kingdom Of Torment 4.Blood Eagle (The Exile)
After remaining quiet for a number of years, Forneus returned in 2012 with an e.p. and then followed with a split release the year after  so now 2014 sees them unveil this four track promo cd. Opening up with ‘Order: Exterminatus’, a sinister tone is being set, dense atmospheres are slowly being created, brooding in anticipation of the hell-storm that is about to be unleashed, and unleashed it certainly is! The song breaks out into an unholy barrage of raw black metal, scathing and snarling in a torrent of rabid blast beats, snarled vocals and raging, yet melodic black metal riffing. The more melodic element to the band heard at the beginning of the track is re-introduced and the pace dropped to a slower crawl which really allows the vocals to take centre stage and tell their story. Ending the track in a hail of blast beats, it’s a good start and the remaining three tracks promise plenty! Following seamlessly on is ‘Embrace The Covenant’ which begins life in groove leaden mid paced territory, reminiscent of Satyricon, even down to the production, being bass heavy and dirty. The melodic aspects to the band’s sound is never lost in amongst the nasty black metal which is probably what makes the music stand out as being so good.
‘The Nine Gates Of The Kingdom Of Torment’ starts with eerie keyboards, almost sounding like something from a 1940’s horror movie. As this sample fades out so the guitars are slowly brought to life, fading in with a haunting and devilish sound. Extremely effective and a great way to introduce the song. Musically, it’s very similar to the previous song, remaining mi-paced throughout. The guitars are more black metal here than they have been so far, really atmospheric while remaining sinister and ice cold. There is a real sense of determination on show here; the song is beginning to build in momentum as it starts to draw to a close. The faster blast beats are re-introduced sporadically which adds to the momentum and sense of anticipation. It’s an absolute beast of a track, being 11m 39s long, some might say too long, but it certainly doesn’t feel that way when listening to it. The band managed to keep the listener well engaged throughout, through variety and ultimately well written and well performed black metal. ‘Blood Eagle (The Exile)’ closes proceedings, and again it’s another absolute monster in terms of length, being 10m 39s this time. The pace is slow, almost doom-laden yet remaining black metal in essence. Being such a long track and played at a slow pace, it gives off a suffocating and exhaustive atmosphere which isn’t bad by any means, you just need to prepare yourself mentally for what you’re about to listen to! For those that are new to the band, this is a superb introduction to their world of harsh, violent and melodically aggressive black metal. These four new tracks show a band capable of writing mature and unique black metal which really stands out and is well worthy of greater attention.  It wouldn’t surprise me to see the band gaining that greater attention if they continue following their current (left hand) path such is the promise Forneus seemingly offer. A great new sampler that definitely deserves your attention and comes well recommended.

8 out of 10
Band Page: Here

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