Sunday, 4 May 2014

Flayed Disciple - Flayed Disciple

Bethlam Records 2014
I. Sick Abomination 2. The Maniac 3.The Gates of Bedlam
Anybody who heard the debut album "Death Hammer" from UK death thrashers Flayed Disciple two years ago will know they are a force to be reckoned with. This year sees the Taunton quintet return to the studio for this three track vinyl offering that demonstrates where the band are currently at sound wise as well as teasing a little about what is yet to come! Opening track "Sick Abomination" is a frantic affair sporting flurries of maniacal guitar wielding, ravenous drumming and hostile rhythms and grooves, all topped off with the deep guttural growls of death chuggin Tim Whyte whose lyrics are appropriately gore orientated and repulsive! despite Flayed Disciple's penchant for out right power and extremity you'll find room here for bouts of all out catchy riff-age and beats, sharp blasts of guitar wankery in the form of exquisite solos and a general aura of a band completely at ease with their sound and style and with the confidence to explore its outer reaches! Expect no quick pop like tracks either as "Sick Abomination" is a lengthy, gruelling prospect of unrelenting proportions!
Faster and more brutal, the hungry onslaught of "The Maniac" is a savage devolution into flat out aggression and insane technical licks as Flayed Disciple keep the momentum going by blasting out  more furious rhythms! Keeping up the death and horror theme "The Maniac" is a filthy blood soaked tome of pent up rage, psychotic thought process and vulgar action, a shorter shock factor of a track designed to punish and wreak havoc! Finally "The Gates of Bedlam" round things off with and ending of the records theme, the final passage or chapter of the disturbed played out through more fast paced thrashing and death metal chugging! A stunning return from Flayed Disciple, one of the UK's most under-rated but highly promising bands.
8.5/10 (Luke Hayhurst)
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